A fresh start for an old business

By John Connole
8 Sep

I love working with well established businesses that have old-school marketing. Recently, I’ve been doing some work for Hiller in Maroochydore. They are a catering equipment supply company, design and fitout studio, and manufacturer of container kitchens. Hiller asked me to bring their main website up to scratch which as looking dated and didn’t reflect the current values and capabilities of the business. We started by doing a redesign of the Hiller Website which could be used to focus on equipment sales by building detailed product pages such as this one which is focussed heavily on providing the kind of content that prospective buyers need to be able to assess products. The individual product pages were also focussed on getting people to pick up the phone to talk to the sales team. I also adjusted their SEO strategy to target the brands that they stock by creating brand pages such as this skope one. Overall, the site has been up and running for just over a month and we’ve already seen an increase in sales enquiries. In terms of numbers, their organic traffic sessions are up around 40% on the previous months. The Hiller website will continue to be a work in progress and I’m confident that the hard work ahead will lead to a further increase in their traffic and conversions. Ultimately, it’s all about the Return on Investment that I believe I can provide for clients. Hiller is a great … Continue reading

Achieving Email Enlightenment

By Ashley Clarke
21 Nov

You probably got the person who made your website to give you an email address as well, but there will come a time in the life of your business when you want to upgrade and give yourself something a bit more professional and reliable. Migrating your emails to a new system can be a messy affair if you go about it the wrong way. This usually comes with expensive ongoing costs and a less than perfect service. Cloud computing has enabled more affordable and reliable email systems and it because of new cloud solutions for email, you shouldn’t be paying nearly as much as you might otherwise have done in the past. Having worked in IT support roles myself, most of the frustrations and problems come from having to deal with unruly and inconvenient email systems. Your email program will start slowing down as your email starts to accumulate over the years. If your computer breaks, there’s significant down-time to you as you try to configure your email again on the new computer and download years of old messages again. If you need your IT support to do this, it becomes an expensive task. The bread and butter that your IT support feeds on is made up of fixing broken things, upgrading hardware and software, putting bandaids on unstable things, making backups and supporting users. This is how IT support has worked for and this is how IT support earns … Continue reading

Advanced PNG Image Compression Made Easy

By John Connole
2 Jun

Compressing images for the web is one of the easiest ways to optimise website speed and save on bandwidth costs. There’s some really easy to use tools for all your image compression needs that can crush your images even smaller than Photoshop can without loss of quality. This article is going to take a look at a couple of tools to help with PNG compression. Continue reading

WordPress & Git: Local, Staging & Production Database Connection

By Nick Burge
17 May

Ever wondered how to easily manage different database connections across local, staging and production environments? Well we’ve done exactly that! By using bits of this code and slowly perfecting our process through trail and error, We thought we would share our development process to help others who are attempting to integrate Git with their WordPress workflow. Basically I’ve recoded the wp-config.php file to search for different database connections. Continue reading

Why we use Bugherd to track our bugs. Our Bugherd review.

By John Connole
10 May

We’re always on the lookout for tools to help us improve our work-flow and ultimately deliver better results on all our projects. That’s why when we heard about Bugherd we decided to give it a go as our current bug tracking system was sorely lacking. So, after using it on a project, here’s our Bugherd review. Continue reading

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