Question: Should I Spend Time on Twitter & Facebook For The Business?

By John Connole
30 Aug

People often ask us if we think they should get a Facebook and Twitter account for their business. Well, Yes, you absolutely should so that nobody else does. Apart from that though, how much effort should you put into it? Coming up with things to say and useful resources for your Facebook and Twitter followers can be tough work.

With all the Buzz in the media and what seems like an epidemic of Social Media Experts it can be easy to be overwhelmed by social media. However, when you think about what social media is at its core, it’s as simple as people wanting to connect with other people… and if that connection happens to be your business then great.

Six Ways Social Media Can Be Made Easy

1. You can link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts so that you only need to post on one account, and every account receives the update.

2. If you find a great resources that you think your customers will enjoy simply hit the tweet button if they have one or go to your account and drop in the link and share it.

3. If you have a WordPress Blog, you can set it up so that any Blog post you create is automatically sent through to Twitter.

4. Setup an auto-responder on your Twitter account so that each time someone follows you they get sent a message inviting them to join you on Facebook and LinkedIn.

5. Include your Social Media addresses in your email signature.

6. Put your Social Media addresses on your business card.

If you implement a few of these tips they your well on your way to building a suitable Social Media network for your business. How affective it will be for your particular business remains to be seen, however if you take the time to set it up correctly it won’t consume much of your time and the potential rewards from it are huge.


John left QUT with a Master of Creative Industries (Interactive & Visual Design) and a firm view that design should be simple, clean and timeless. Back in 2009, John started Stickybeak with the single-minded purpose of offering a highly-specialised, highly-personal service to customers. Believing you should only accept work from clients you can genuinely help, John's ethics are at the very heart of the way Stickybeak does business. When he's not helping clients get the very best from their company, he likes nothing more than sitting around a campfire, unleashing his inner photographer or attempting to Kitesurf

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