Responsive Web Design

By John Connole
3 Sep


Traditionally, the web has always been a fairly predicable medium in terms of how it was used. You could count on the screen on which someone visited your website being a particular size or larger. That’s precisely the reason why most website are made with a fixed width that is as wide as a small laptop screen… that way, most people will be able to access it correctly. However, now-a-days and increasingly in the future people will be accessing the web from phones, tvs, laptops, tablets such as iPads and maybe even microwaves (maybe ).

There’s a couple of solutions to address the rising unpredictability of screen sizes. At first, people started directing mobile phone users to a specific mobile phone sites which will always remain an option. However, there’s a growing trend towards what is called responsive web design which embraces the philosophy of responding to the device it’s being used on rather than delivering a different website altogether. One of the fantastic benefits of responsive web design is that you can use one site to deliver a great experience to virtually any device that visits your site.

responsive web design - yoke

For an good example of responsive web design visit the yoke website which is pictured above and change the size of your browser window and see how the website adapts and responds to the size of your browser.

So, here at Stickybeak we have decided to embrace all mediums on which the web is used and develop our sites responsively. It does take a little extra effort but for businesses that attract lots of users on mobile phones and iPads it’s well worth the effort.

John left QUT with a Master of Creative Industries (Interactive & Visual Design) and a firm view that design should be simple, clean and timeless. Back in 2009, John started Stickybeak with the single-minded purpose of offering a highly-specialised, highly-personal service to customers. Believing you should only accept work from clients you can genuinely help, John's ethics are at the very heart of the way Stickybeak does business. When he's not helping clients get the very best from their company, he likes nothing more than sitting around a campfire, unleashing his inner photographer or attempting to Kitesurf

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