Why WordPress Is Perfect For Small Business Websites

By John Connole
27 Aug

As a small business, when you make an investment in something, you’re likely to assess it’s potential to help your business grow with intense scrutiny. Quite often we find that people feel an obligation to get a website for their business but aren’t exactly sure how it can fit into their marketing plans and how it can bring in business for them. Some things are obvious, such as trying to achieve good Google rankings for relevant keywords, and most people are ready to make an investment into achieving since the benefits are obvious. However, let’s look into some of the hidden cost benefits of using a system such as WordPress to build your small business website.

1. It can grow

We often have people come to us that already have a website. The website did the trick when they were just starting but now that they have grown, their website hasn’t grown with them. A great benefit of building or site in WordPress ( or most CMS’s for that matter ) is that your contents, contacts, comments are all stored in a database. This makes for an easy transition when upgrading your site. Furthermore, since WordPress is a quite simple platform to build on. Want a blog put on your WordPress site? No problem… Which leads me to my next point.

2. It enables easy interactivity and engagement with your audience

With such a well supported an large development community, WordPress has an incredible amount of functionality which can be built into it via the use of plugins. Blog, Comments, E-commerce, Social Bookmarking, Social Media, Polls, Automatic Contact and Enquiry Forms… these are all fairly straightforward things to implement for a WordPress site. This results in less time for your web developer to add such things and ultimately results in a lower running cost.

3. It’s easy to use

At Stickybeak, we’ve tried using many different CMS’s for the sites we build for our customers. Based on feedback from people like yourself it seems that WordPress simply can’t be beat for a great balance of power and ease-of-use.

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John left QUT with a Master of Creative Industries (Interactive & Visual Design) and a firm view that design should be simple, clean and timeless. Back in 2009, John started Stickybeak with the single-minded purpose of offering a highly-specialised, highly-personal service to customers. Believing you should only accept work from clients you can genuinely help, John's ethics are at the very heart of the way Stickybeak does business. When he's not helping clients get the very best from their company, he likes nothing more than sitting around a campfire, unleashing his inner photographer or attempting to Kitesurf

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